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Infrastructure Automation

Here’s My Take

Automation Essentials


Problem Statement;

Technology is something we cannot avoid in today’s scenario and tomorrow it will have advanced further. We are always living around it, using gadgets awaiting our command.

Music Systems, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Curtains, Security Systems or CCTV Cameras all these devices have a unique set of controls and these controls i.e. their own remote and are nowhere near our favourite sitting place.


Answer to this Problem Statement;


Automation Systems unify the controls from many distinguished devices like T.V, A/C etc. in to 1 easy to use control system.

The actual devices we use to command our automation system is known aa s controlled device. Control devices offer many ways to view and interact with gadgets in our homes or offices.

There are products in the market, which help automate your infrastructure be it convenience and luxury. To know about the most suited control device for your home or office, you can post your query at


Control Device

Once you have selected your control device with respect to the gadgets/appliances we want to control we now need to figure out how the control device will communicate with the gadgets.



Automation Communication


Wired | Wireless

Going further, we need to make sure the control device and the appliance/gadget can understand each other. I would recommend a control device, which can commonly understand all your gadgets, in other words, all in one remote.

After we have identified our control device and gadgets, there is a key element for them communicate would be creating a network.

A network can be wired or wireless. Wired technology are cables that can low voltage & high voltage signals.

Low voltage wires (Coaxial Cables | Category 5 Cables | Optical Fibber | Copper Wire) commonly carry signals like audio, video, voice and data. High Voltage wires is used to power appliances.

In today date, WIRELESS Technology has become reliable, convenient and affordable.

Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Infra-Red | PIR
*If you are looking for a solution to obtain any type of automation, contact me and I will suggest the most appropriate course of action.


Automation User Interface

User Interface

This term is used to describe the way people communicate with their automation infrastructure. There are 4 main types of user interfaces;

  1. Hard Buttons
  2. Touch Screens
  3. Passive Sensor
  4. Voice Command

Hard Button user interface are found on handheld remotes and keypads. Each push button is labelled for a specific function and therefore called hard buttons as supposed to the virtual buttons or soft buttons we find on touch screens. Touchscreen user interfaces use screens with touch-sensitive glass like a smartphone. These interfaces have virtual buttons generated through software. Further, there are two types of touch screen user interfaces, a fixed layout touch screen contains essentially the manufactures graphics whereas a custom layout touch screen can be graphically personalised in a multitude of ways.

The third type interface is Passive Sensor Interface (PIR). These devices are place around your home/office that detect movement like heat, smoke or sound & then automatically communicate to the automation system. Typically used to automatically regulate heat or cooling, turning on/off lights, detecting intrusion or identifying a gas leak or fire.

Last type of interface is voice command interfaces, which we now are commonly being used. Our cell phone is an example like Siri, Google Assistant etc.


Some Important Facts with respect to Automation

Automation: A technological solution to automate appliances with the use of software and hardware via a secure wire/wireless network (Wi-Fi).

There are three key elements to consider before one can think about Home Automation;

  1. Network
  2. Software
  3. Hardware

Purpose of Automation;

  1. Convenience
    1. Improve Efficiency (Electricity Consumption)
    2. Reduce Manual Effort
    3. Punctuality & Schedule Maintenance
  2. Security

For any type of automation service, please feel free to contant me!


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